by Clover

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released July 9, 2012

Produced by Clover

Recorded and Mixed by nelo

Mastering by Alvaro Gallego Logroño

Aditional vocals on "The monster lures": Paloma Soalleiro

Speech on "Nostalghia" taken from Andrei Tarkovsky´s "Nostalghia"

Art by Alicia Carrera

Special thanks to Rubén Fernandez, Alvaro Gallego Logroño and Adri´s family




Clover Spain

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Track Name: Cold Cave
Tease him, burn his eyes
Taste the soft skin, no longer mine

Burn him, break his arms
Make me realise you are the moonlight in my night

(I wouldn´t say that, sounds)

Taste him, taste his eyes

Save him, be the now
Track Name: The girl of the "G" chord (Freebird)
Don´t know myself, don´t know why

Don´t know my name, don´t know why

Don´t know my name, freebird
Don´t know my game, freebird
Don´t know why don´t know myself
Don´t know why
Track Name: "Sometimes I get lost in dreams"
And then the little girl wakes up
And she says: "Mommy... sometimes I get lost in my dreams... and when I wake up... it´s not allways that I find myseld"
"But yr a silly little mouse" she says "you can´t get lost in dreams. And even if you did, you would wake up"
And then she´s off to toilet
But then the man in black says:
"Girl, you are right: you can get lost in dreams. And when you wake up... it´s not allways that you find yourself"
And the her mom is back from toilet
"What was that old man saying to you?"
"He was saying truth"

You can get lost in dreams.

Can you get lost in dreams?

And then the little girl says:
"I´ve got one more question: sometimes in my dreams I remember how to fly, but then I wake up and forget, and I can´t really figure out if it´s just my imagination or if I once knew how to fly"

"In dreams sometimes you remember. When you wake up you allways forget"
Track Name: Nostalghia
"What ancestor speaks in me? I can't live simultaneously in my head and in my body. That's why I can't be just one person. I can feel within myself countless things at once.

There are no great masters left. That's the real evil of our time. The heart's path is covered in shadow. We must listen to the voices that seem useless in brains full of long sewage pipes of school wall, tarmac and welfare papers. The buzzing of insects must enter. We must fill the eyes and ears of all of us with things that are the beginning of a great dream. Someone must shout that we'll build the pyramids. It doesn't matter if we don't. We must fuel that wish and stretch the corners of the soul like an endless sheet.

If you want the world to go forward, we must hold hands. We must mix the so-called healthy with the so-called sick. You healthy ones! What does your health mean? The eyes of all mankind are looking at the pit into which we are plunging. Freedom is useless if you don't have the courage to look us in the eye, to eat, drink and sleep with us! It's the so-called healthy who have brought the world to the verge of ruin. Man, listen! In you water, fire and then ashes, and the bones in the ashes. The bones and the ashes!

Where am I when I'm not in reality or in my imagination? Here's my new pact: it must be sunny at night and snowy in August. Great things end. Small things endure. Society must become united again instead of so disjointed. Just look at nature and you'll see that life is simple. We must go back to where we were, to the point where we took the wrong turn. We must go back to the main foundations of life without dirtying the water. What kind of world is this if a madman tells you you must be ashamed of yourselves!

O Mother! The air is that light thing that moves around your head and becomes clearer when you laugh."
Track Name: Oceans (part I)
It´s no secret why she decided to leave that night
It´s no wonder as well why she left the microphone open
No doors slammed
No windows opened
It´s just another fork in the road

But then again, this is not the only truth
How could it be, me being the only one speaking here?
How could it be?
But that´s not the point
I´s all about telltales
Using your fantasy
Your imagination

You contain me
You can leave it underground
And I´ll fake it

So you tease me
under a soft, wise killer moon
linger by day
Track Name: POP
It took a while to get it thru
I was the one to know
You were child
You were the sun,
the road,
the summer,
I was 16

It lasted four years
I bet you understood
I was a 19 year old boy
You were child
You were
smiling there
like a sun

Was a chance to know
I was 16 again
It took a while
It still takes
We were young
Laughter was everything
We had lot of fun
We were 16
Track Name: The monster lures
Just say you will
fall thru the way

We´ll make it stay
Seems like a day

Land sets on you
a perfect view
Make it your mark

Little star-child
all that you thought was
a perfect match